A downloadable tool for Windows and Linux

GameApi Builder is a 3d modelling tool with over 600 features.

There's web interface in https://meshpage.org/  which contains large number of test cases checking all the features of the library. 

It's possible to place animations created with the tool to your own web server, by following the instructions in https://meshpage.org/meshpage.php?p=5 faq, section how does the site work?

Install instructions

Linux: (download .deb file)
      sudo dpkg -i gameapi-builder_1.0-26.deb

Windows: (download .msi file)
      (doubleclick msi file to install it)
       start menu -> GameApi-Builder v26.0 -> GameApi_Builder v26.0


gameapi-builder_1.0-26.deb 3 MB
GameApi-Builder-v26.msi 7 MB

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