A downloadable tool for Windows

The zip file has the following content:

1) 3d model builder application

2) a c++ library (gameapi) that will be able to use the generated code from the builder.

Basically the process goes as follows:

a) you design 3d model with the tool (called editor.exe)

b) you press "codegen" button, and it'll output a piece of c++ code in the stdout,

c) you copy-paste the code to your own program

d) after linking the gameapi.dll to your code, you get necessary opengl calls to display the model in your program

e) there's ready made example program which can be compiled using mingw and emscripten

The tool can also save normal .obj files, if you don't want to use the library, but you might get a little more flexibility with the library, since it allows modifying the model parameters on precalc time.

editor.exe commandline options:

--huge changes the window size

--file mod.txt loads different txt file.

This tool has been used to create the following games:






There's documentation of the library at:


It is possible to create URL's out of games created via this tool, but it requires compiling the created game using emscripten. The package has "emmake" script for this purpose in the example directory. This allows placing it to the web. This url has example of how the end result will work: http://tpgames.org/xmas.html

There's also web interface for creating URLs, in http://meshpage.org/ where you can just paste codegen output to a web page text box and get nice permanent url for it, similar to how youtube works.

Install instructions

unzip the zip file,



GameApi-Builder-v16.0.zip (36 MB)

Development log

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