A downloadable tool for Windows

The zip file has the following content:

1) 3d model builder application

2) a c++ library (gameapi) that will be able to use the generated code from the builder.

Basically the process goes as follows:

a) you design 3d model with the tool (called editor.exe)

b) you press "codegen" button, and it'll output a piece of c++ code in the stdout,

c) you copy-paste the code to meshpage.org

d) you get URL to the created product

There's web interface for creating URLs, in http://meshpage.org/ where you can just paste codegen output to a web page text box and get nice permanent url for it, similar to how youtube works.

Install instructions

unzip the zip file,



GameApi-Builder-v22.0.zip 41 MB

Development log

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